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This page contains information regarding Henrique Saias' ongoing teaching projects.


Place: Rua de Álvares Cabral, 263 (Rés-da-Rua Cultural Association)
Time: Flexible schedules, dependent upon space availability
Modality: 1-to-1 or groups
Price: Free donation

Overtone singing classes
  1. Connection with our innate instrument: body and voice;
  2. Understanding the physiology / physics of overtone singing;
  3. Musical theory contextualization (the harmonic scale);
  4. Learning to recognize, accentuate and sing the overtones naturally present in the voice;
  5. How to approach overtone singing as a meditative and therapeutic practice.

Didgeridoo classes
  1. Connection with the body. Universal principles of breathing and articulation;
  2. Understanding the nature of the tube as a resonant means of frequencies;
  3. Musical theory contextualization (melodies and voice), ( rhythm and time measures);
  4. Exploring and perfecting diversity of sounds;
  5. Traditional and contemporary styles of playing;
  6. Polyrhythm – how to play more sounds, rhythms and melodies simultaneously to create the illusion of an orchestra;
  7. Principles of composition and how to approach composing songs in didgeridoo.

All these topics are only examples / suggestions of themes that can be explored in the classes: every aspect of the learning process will be adapted to work towards your particular interests. The goal of Sound Workshops is to be the ideal space to unlock your potential.
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Download .pdf (PT)