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Portuguese artist from Tomar, based in Faro, Henrique Saias is an emerging didgeridoo player that brings to live performance a powerful encounter with the immersive potential of the universe of audible frequencies.

Intertwining playing techniques that merge fast-paced thundering rhythms with subtle melodies and exploding drones, unleashing waves of highly resonant earthly and cosmic sounds that fill the space and permeate every atom. The flow of composition is highly rooted in organic principles, the breathing patterns and dynamics are the spontaneous stream of internal pressure fluctuations and articulations in a delicate balance of opposites, a dance of layers and textures of being.

Toning and overtone singing are also integrated in the experience and other instruments such as monochord, koto and jews harp all contribute to gather sounds from cultures around the world and bring the listener closer to the mystical state of thoughtlessness, of the unthinking mind.